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[Keqiao printing and dyeing cutting-edge technology landed strongly, pointing out the direction for the green development of the industry]
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"Printing and dyeing people" news: polyester disperse dyes that can save more than 95% of water, supercritical carbon dioxide water-free dyeing technology ... On November 29, the innovative Keqiao-green printing and dyeing held in Keqiao Modern Textile Industry Innovation Service Complex At the high-end technology forum, professors and experts from the University of Hong Kong, Zhejiang University and Jiangnan University brought forward a number of cutting-edge technologies, which pointed out the direction for the green development of the printing and dyeing industry in Keqiao District.

It is reported that this event was hosted by Keqiao District Science and Technology Bureau, the leading talent driving center for science and technology (Keqiao Station), Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology, Keqiao Light Textile Industry Technology Center of Jiangnan University, Keqiao District Science and Technology Market, Global Textiles Co-hosted by the Internet, the purpose is to further promote the transformation of the research institutes' achievements, better build a platform for the exchange of technology supply and demand, and inject new impetus to promote the green, high-tech, and intelligent development of the Keqiao textile printing and dyeing industry.

At this forum, Professor Yin Yunjie of Jiangnan University brought polyester disperse dye technology. The application of the dye can eliminate 11 washing processes in the dyeing process, substantially reduce wastewater to zero, and save 10-20% in overall costs.

Experts from Zhejiang University Fu Limin have been engaged in green printing and dyeing education and research for more than 50 years. They are committed to solving the problem of printing and dyeing sewage. In the forum, they brought the topic of "how to print and dye white mud slag turn waste into treasure", leading companies to continuously think Changing to take into account the economic interests, it gradually shouldered more social responsibilities.

Dr. Mo Yingying from the University of Hong Kong shared the green environmental protection technology with the representatives of the present companies, including water-free dyeing technology using supercritical technology, plasma treatment technology for functional materials, ozone technology for bleaching and decolorization-imitation of denim clothing Old processing, etc.

The latest green printing and dyeing technology and achievements brought by experts in this forum pointed out the future development direction for the printing and dyeing industry. At the same time, experts provided professional guidance and suggestions on the difficulties and problems encountered in the current development of green printing and dyeing technology of enterprises, which were well received by the companies present.

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