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[Do you know that polypropylene industrial yarn can be made into industrial geotextiles?]
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Do you know that polypropylene industrial yarn can be made into industrial geotextiles? Let ’s take a look at Xuzhou Heping Chemical Fiber.

Impervious geotextile is a geosynthetic material with good impermeability. It is an industrial fabric with high tenacity using synthetic fibers such as polypropylene industrial yarn, polyester and nylon as raw materials. After weaving into a regular interweaving structure, the comprehensive carrying capacity can be further improved. Polypropylene industrial silk geotextiles are widely used in geotechnical engineering such as rivers, coasts, ports, highways, railways, docks, tunnels, bridges and so on.

Polypropylene industrial silk geotextile can meet various cloth routes. It has the advantages of industrialization, low cost, high toughness, low elongation, durability and corrosion resistance, making the fabric structure stable. Can meet the needs of material distribution for different geotechnical purposes, such as filtration, isolation, strengthening and protection.

Polypropylene industrial silk geotextile rolls must not be damaged before installation and deployment. After the geotextile rolls are leveled and stacked in the middle, no water can accumulate, the stack height must not exceed the height of the four rolls, and the identification parts of the roll can be seen.

Polypropylene industrial silk geotextile rolls must be covered with opaque material to prevent UV aging. Labels and data should be in good condition during storage. The geotextile rolls must be protected during transportation (including transportation from the material storage site to the work site). Damaged geotextile rolls must be repaired. Severely worn geotextiles cannot be transported. Geotextiles exposed to chemical reagents shall not be transported in the project.

Polypropylene industrial silk impervious geotextile is set on the slope that needs impervious treatment, and sand cushion and concrete are set. The closed concrete layer of the dyke roof is a completely closed impervious system.

In the chemical fiber industry, there is a company producing polypropylene industrial yarn of high quality and widely used, and it can also be customized according to individual needs. This is Xuzhou Heping Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Heping Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. uses new materials, new equipment and new processes to open up new fields of application to meet customer requirements for various products. Based on the principle of service priority and quality assurance, it provides customers with high-quality products in a timely and accurate manner. Save costs for customers.

At the same time, it produces and sells Heping polypropylene high-strength yarn, split film industrial yarn, high-strength polypropylene network yarn, and polypropylene high-strength yarn.

Quality creates legends, strength breeds quality products, choose Heping chemical fiber polypropylene industrial yarn, and create brilliant prospects together!

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