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[What are the benefits of polypropylene high-strength silk carpets for cars?]
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Polypropylene high-strength yarn can be used to make carpets for automobiles. Polypropylene high-strength yarn has the unique properties of light weight, high strength, abrasion resistance, flame resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low static accumulation, and low moisture regain. Effectively help reduce car noise, regulate car temperature, prevent other objects from corroding parts, protect car floor, etc. What are the benefits of polypropylene high-strength silk carpets for cars? Let ’s take a look.

Polypropylene high-strength yarns are obtained by selecting high-molecular, high-specification polypropylene raw materials, starting from increasing the degree of extension and crystallinity of macromolecular chains, and rationally controlling the spinning, drawing, and heat treatment processes.

1. Polypropylene high-strength silk carpet can reduce interior noise

The car is driven by the engine. The engine makes a lot of noise, but the polypropylene high-strength silk carpet on the floor is composed of thousands of small loops of fabric. The carpet is like an excellent muffler, which to a large extent absorbs the jingle and rattling of the car chassis.

With polypropylene high-strength silk carpets, up to 40% of car noise can be eliminated.

2, polypropylene high-strength silk carpet can adjust the temperature inside the car

Carpets not only block sound but also regulate temperature. Imagine driving for a long time in the mountains when the outdoor temperature reaches minus zero. The air conditioner of a car can keep the air in the car warm, but as a metal object, the car dissipates heat quickly. If you have a polypropylene high-strength silk carpet, things will change. Polypropylene high-strength silk carpets delay the heat dissipation in the car and play a thermal insulation effect.

And, for long trips, when you are tired and want to take off your shoes and relax, you definitely want to put your feet on the carpet.

3, polypropylene high-strength silk carpet to prevent other objects from corroding parts

We often eat in cars, and we often spill food on seats and carpets. At this time, the carpet will absorb the spilled liquid to prevent water or oil from attacking the metal parts of the bottom of the car. This is an effective solution to prevent car aging.

4, polypropylene high-strength silk carpet can protect the floor

In terms of aesthetics, the carpet on the car floor is not ideal because it is often stepped on and the carpet is dirty. But polypropylene high-strength silk carpet protects your car floor. When you sit in the car, broken stones and glass fragments from your shoes will also be brought into the car. If you don't clean it in time, the floor will be worn.

If there is a polypropylene high-strength silk carpet in the car, the wear may be only the carpet. You know, it is more difficult to change a floor than a carpet.

Perhaps the polypropylene high-strength silk carpet is not high-quality among all materials, but it is cheap and easy to produce. It has always been loved by the automotive industry.

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